Is automated driving the answer for sustainable transport?

Webinar on 27 October 2020, 13:00 – 14:30.

Sustainable transport has three dimensions:
(1) Environment: Does CAD reduce emissions or noise? How does it affect land use and livability?
(2) Economy: Do AVs promote sustainable modal choices? Do they improve the efficiency of the transport networks?
(3) Society: How much will CAD improve safety? Does it improve public health or quality of life? What about social equity, do AVs promote access to goods and services for as many people as possible?

This workshop discusses how CAD and AVs can support the sustainability of transport and what current research indicates about these impacts. It also discusses what kind of expectations and concerns different stakeholders have and whether the automated mobility can be made inclusive and environmentally friendly. The session is interactive, and audience is invited to contribute via polls and discussion.

Host: Stéphane Dreher, ERTICO – ITS Europe  and moderator: Satu Innamaa, VTT, Finland – Introduction and proceedings


The EUCAD2020 3rd webinar (27 October 2020).

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