An exhibition of European funded research and innovation projects on cooperative, connected and automated mobility will take place at the Conference at the Charlemagne Building. 

CoExit mission is to systematically increase the capacity of road authorities of getting ready for the transition towards a shared road network with increasing levels of automated vehicles (AVs)

Transforming Transport aims to show concrete, measurable and verifiable evidence of data value that can be achieved in mobility and logistics by leveraging big data, i.e. the massive amounts of information

TransAID develops and demonstrates traffic management procedures and protocols to enable smooth coexistence of automated, connected, and conventional vehicles, especially at Transition Areas

ERTRAC brings together road transport stakeholders to develop a common vision for road transport research in Europe

AUTOC-ITS contributes to the deployment of Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) in Europe by enhancing interoperability of autonomous driving 

MAVEN aims at providing solutions for managing automated vehicles in an urban environment 

BRAVE aims to promote increased confidence in automated vehicles by society

5G-MOBIX develops and tests automated vehicle functionalities using 5G core technological innovations along multiple cross-border corridors and urban trial sites

5GCroCo tests 5G technologies in the cross-border corridor, defines new business models and impacts relevant standardization bodies from the telco and automotive industries

5G-CARMEN aims to significantly drive the research, implementation and demonstration of refined 5G solutions for the Cooperative, Connected, and Automated Mobility

CLASS works towards an efficiently distribution of big-data workloads along the compute continuum

InterACT works towards the safe integration of AVs into mixed traffic environments

INFRAMIX aims at preparing the road infrastructure with specific affordable adaptations and
to support it with new models and tools, to accommodate for the step-wise introduction of automated vehicles

TrustVehicle aims at advancing technical solutions for automated driving to better assess critical situations in mixed traffic scenarios

SAFERtec seeks to in-depth explore the involved vulnerabilities of connected vehicles, apply innovative techniques for attack modeling, experimentally validate the quantification of security assurance levels and also contribute to relevant standards

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