How to support fast innovation by different levels of Physical and Digital Infrastructure measures?

Webinar on 15 May 2020, 14:00 – 16:00.

In the operational domains of passenger cars on highways, trucks in first automation operations and new urban mobility solutions in cities for people and goods, there are different levels of physical and digital infrastructure measures helpful to support fast innovation.

This session looked into common aspects between the different digital infrastructure projects in order to get a broader picture of the usability of operational domains. It was discussed what road authorities can do to support vehicle industry as well as mobility service providers and how road authorities can be supported for their long-term planning and testing of new measures in this area.

The concept as described in the actual version of the ERTRAC Roadmap around the Infrastructure Support Levels for Automated Driving (ISAD) was elaborated by going deeper into first Level 4 use cases. It discussed relations between the Operational Design Domain, which describes a vehicle Design Capability to run in autonomous mode in specific Operational Domains, and new Physical and Digital Infrastructure Measures on public roads in different Levels.

The session was interactive, and the audience was invited to contribute via discussion by posting questions in chat boxes and online answers to specific questions.

Host: Stéphane Dreher, ERTICO – ITS Europe – Introduction

Moderator: Armin Graeter, BMW – Cooperative Connected Automated Mobility needs Physical and Digital Infrastructure


The EUCAD2020 1st webinar (15 May 2020) interactive poll results.

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