What is the current status and what challenges exist in the safety validation of automation technology?

Webinar on 8 September 2020, 14:00 – 16:00.

This webinar focused on current status and challenges in safety validation of automated vehicles as one of the key pieces to achieve a safer and more secure and transport system, as foreseen with the introduction of CAD on our roads.

The session looked into what is needed in order to create a commonly accepted safety validation framework. On-going work on harmonized test and validation methodologies were presented as well as research activities that address the new technical challenges arising from higher levels of automation. The importance of the human factors and interaction design as a key element to ensure ”fair” reliance of systems was brought up as well.

Host & moderator: Stéphane Dreher, ERTICO – ITS Europe, Introduction



The EUCAD2020 2nd webinar (8 September 2020) interactive poll results.


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