Last modified on June 27, 2024

7 newly started CCAM projects

7 newly started CCAM projects

27 June 2024

7 new CCAM projects have recently started, resulting from the EC Horizon Europe Work Programme 2023 and related to topics implementing the co-programmed European Partnership on ‘Connected, Cooperative and Automated Mobility:

  • Related to CCAM Cluster 2 Vehicle technologies, and the topic “User-centric development of vehicle technologies and solutions to optimise the on-board experience and ensure inclusiveness”:
    • OptiPEx (Optimizing Passenger Experience in Public Transport)
    • AutoTRUST (Autonomous self-adaptive services for TRansformational personalized inclUsivenesS and resilience in mobiliTy)
  • Related to CCAM Cluster 3 Validation, and the topic “Generation of scenarios for development, training, virtual testing and validation of CCAM systems”:
    • SYNERGIES (Real and synthetic scenarios generated for the development, training, virtual testing and validation of CCAM systems)
  • Related to CCAM Cluster 4 Integrating CCAM in the transport system, and the topic “Infrastructure-enabled solutions for improving the continuity or extension of Operational Design Domains (ODDs)”:
    • FRODDO (Federated cybeR-physical infrastructure for ODD cOntinuity)
  • Related to CCAM Cluster 6 Societal aspects and people needs, and to the topics:
  1. Integrating European diversity in the design, development and implementation of CCAM solutions to support mobility equity”:
    • CulturalRoad (Cocreate, Embrace)
    • Diversify – CCAM (Diversify CCAM by integrating the European cultural and regional variations in the design and implementation of citizen-friendly systems to foster mobility equity)
  2. CCAM effects on jobs and education, plans for skills that match the CCAM development, and prerequisites for employment growth
    • CCAM – ERAS (CCAM-Employment Realization through the Acquisition of Skills)

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