Lessons learned


Lessons learned can significantly help future R&I initiatives by providing key information on the results achieved. This section lists and categorizes lessons learned from national and EU-funded projects on connected and automated driving (CAD).

The lessons learned are categorised according to the following:

  • Type of lesson learned
    • Financial
    • Operational/Organisational
    • Social
    • Technical
  • Topic of the lesson learned
  • Project name
  • R&I Cluster
  • Deliverable
  • Brief summary of the lesson learned and recommendations

In addition to the list of lessons learned, an analysis of R&I initiatives focused on Field Operational Tests and Regulations and Policies is available.

This list is by no means exhaustive and thus, we welcome your feedback about any missing entry or any correction and update necessary. Please use the feedback form to send us your comments and input. To add a new lesson learned/recommendation, please complete the template provided and upload it together with your message in the feedback form.

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