Last modified on March 5, 2024

Glossary and Taxonomies

Due to its dynamic character and the pace at which innovations are succeeding one another, the world of CCAM is constantly changing. This leads to many different initatives to standardize and reach harmonized use of terminology through classification such as a taxonomy. This section presents those initiatives with a focus on the glossary and taxonomy developed during the EU funded project FAME. Additionally, other taxonomies are presented such as the SINFONICA taxonomy. Navigate through the glossary and taxonomies via the links below or use the navigation bar to the left.

Glossary and taxonomy

As part of the FAME project a glossary and taxonomy have been created. Its main goal was to establish a standardized and harmonized classification system for CCAM-related terms, enhancing the comparability, complementarity, and expansion of research, development, and testing in the realm of CCAM-enabled solutions and services. Following a systematic and hierarchical approach, the tool classifies and categorizes terms. Its architecture is based on a conceptual framework, illustrating relationships and interactions between terms. It is visualized and navigable with ontology software, offering advanced search and filtering capabilities. Lastly, the taxonomy tool is built upon established standards and taxonomies from organizations like SAE, ISO, and UNECE, the glossary in this knowledge base, research documents and consortium initiatives, ensuring alignment with established frameworks.

Other taxonomies

In addition to the FAME project, another CCAM taxonomy has been developed under the SINFONICA project. SINFONICA was an EU funded project under the Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Program. The public availability of this taxonomy is currently being worked on. Once there is a public link available it will be accessible via the button below.

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