Last modified on October 17, 2023

R&I Projects

This section lists:

  • ~400 Research and Innovation (R&I) projects and demonstration activities related to connected, cooperative, and automated mobility (CCAM);
  • ~300 CCAM testing and demonstration locations;
  • lessons learned collected from both national and EU-funded CCAM projects.

The initiatives are either European (EC or other types of funding) or national programmes, and include both ongoing and completed projects (since Framework Programme 7). A minimum set of information is provided including a short description, start and end date, locations of pilot sites, funding type and link to more detailed information. The list can be filtered per keywords related to thematic areas, issues, topics or functionalities addressed by the projects, countries of demonstrations, and funding.

The map of CCAM testing and demonstration activities can be filtered according to the type of testing environment (public road, corridor, cross-border, closed/private site, test track, simulator) and vehicle types being tested (passenger car, shuttle/bus, trucks, autonomous delivery robot).

Finally, the lessons learned are providing insights from Financial, Operational/Organisational, Social or Technical standpoint), as well as related to Field Operational Tests organisation and regulations/ policies.

To remain relevant and comprehensive, this section relies on stakeholders’ input and feedback to collect additional entries or any correction and update necessary. Please use the feedback form to send us your comments and input. To add a new project reference, please complete the following form:

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