Last modified on January 17, 2024

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Full Details Name Domain When Data category Data format Link
ApolloScape AD 2019 3D Lidar point clouds, video, trajectories, GNSS Bin and txt View details
Boreas AD 2021 Lidar, radar, video, GNSS and meta data Point cloud data: binary, camera: png images, pose files: csv, metadata: txt and yaml View details
CarlaScenes AD 2022 Point cloud data, video data, metadata View details
MIT DriveSeg (Manual) Dataset AD 2020 Images, labels Images: png, labels: not known View details
MIT-AVT Clustered Driving Scene Dataset AD 2021 Video, metadata, labels View details
NuPlan AD 2021 Lidar, video, GPS, map data and meta data View details
V2X-SIM AD 2022 Point cloud data, video data, metadata Point cloud data: pcd, video data: png, metadata: yaml, lables: yaml View details

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