Last modified on June 28, 2024

SHOW project awards

SHOW project awards

28 June 2024

For over four years, the SHOW project has advanced the integration of shared, connected, automated, and electrified vehicles into public transport. With 22 pilots in 13 European countries, it has gathered extensive data to support the rollout of CCAM. These diverse sites have enabled evaluations of vehicle performance, services, and technologies, with a strong focus on user acceptance.

The Arctic Award: Tampere

The Finnish pilot, led by VTT, Sensible 4, and Remoted, focuses on last-mile transport using automated vehicles as feeders for the tram service in Tampere. This integration connects suburban areas not served by the tram, reducing the need for private cars. Tampere’s pilot also tackled the challenge of operating in -20°C winter conditions, adapting battery charging schedules, and enhancing road maintenance to handle snow, ice, and gravel.

Most Passengers Moved: Monheim & Linköping

Monheim’s shuttles, designed to optimize public transport, have transported over 50,000 users, connecting the old town with the central bus station and serving people with mobility needs. In Sweden, the Linköping pilot has moved over 13,000 passengers, ranking second in the number of people transported.

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