Last modified on June 18, 2024

Automated vehicles enhancing mobility services in MaaS context

Automated vehicles enhancing mobility services in MaaS context

18 June 2024

The ULTIMO EC project is exploring how large fleets of autonomous vehicles can be integrated into public transportation to enhance mobility services offerings for the benefit of citizens.

The integration of AVs into the transport system, and namely in MaaS1, can be a real game changer. It can make the transport system as a whole more efficient, flexible, and environmentally friendly, particularly in terms of resource, energy, and space consumption. Citizens have more mobility options to reach their destinations, and prices become more affordable. AVs could operate around the clock, picking up citizens near their homes or even at their homes if they have disabilities.

From the developed transport systems in the deployment sites of the project, the ULTIMO team is conducting evaluations across economic, social, and environmental dimensions, taking all stakeholders, from both the supply and demand sides, into consideration. Strategic recommendations will be derived for AV- and MaaS-based future mobility.

Governance conditions of transport systems and data governance play an important role in this process. The deployment of AVs should be decided locally to ensure fair competition and avoid the “winner takes all” phenomenon. The biggest obstacle to creating this new mobility remains user behaviour. Local authorities must create services offerings that meet the public interest to be considered a viable alternative to cars.

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1 MaaS is a platform that connects all mobility services and means of transport within a city.