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5th Joint Stakeholder Network workshop on Data Sharing for automated driving

25 February 2021, online

ARCADE organised an online workshop on the topic of data sharing in the CCAM area. In the CAD knowledge base, ARCADE collected material for data sharing.

The importance of data sharing was also identified in the SRIA 1.0 (Cluster 5: System architecture for data sharing; Cluster 7: Common test data sharing framework).

The workshop consisted on a morning webinar and an afternoon expert workshop. The morning session was a broader webinar presenting today’s status, experiences and challenges. The afternoon expert workshop featured three break-out sessions on defining boundary conditions and next steps following promising approaches. The results are summarised in the proceedings.


Morning webinar

Introductions and presentations

Poll: what should be addressed in data sharing?

Afternoon workshop


Break-out 1: Principles for industry data sharing

Break-out 2: In-vehicle data selection and analysis

Break-out 3: GDPR in practice

Wrap-up and next steps

5th Joint Stakeholder Network on Data Sharing

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