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This section answers Frequently Asked Questions about common topics in the field of Automated Driving. These questions present the need for solving important challenges with regards to the future deployment of automated vehicle applications.

  • Can Vehicles or Level3+ be type approved?
    • No, taking into account the current Regulatory Framework, only vehicles with a (maximum) level 2 of automation can be type approved.
  • What is Article 20 of the Directive 2007/46 for?
    • Directive 2007/46 has a specific article for the exemptions of new technologies. The EU exemption procedure is in principle limited to small series production vehicles or prototypes. The duration of this exemption is limited, and the manufacturer must provide:
      • the reasons why the technologies or concepts in question make the whole vehicle type incompatible with the requirements
      • a description of the safety and environmental considerations concerned, and the measures taken
      • a description of the tests, including their results, demonstrating that, by comparison with the requirements from which exemption is sought, at least an equivalent level of safety and environmental protection is ensured
    • Pending the adoption of harmonised EU requirements, the approval is granted on the basis of a national ad-hoc safety assessment which is mutually recognized by other Member States through a Commission decision. The vehicle type can then be placed on the EU market like any other EU approved vehicle.
  • How do OEMS test their prototypes on the open road?
    • Open road testing is regulated at a national level. This means that each Member Each has its own procedure (if it exists) and the technical and administrative requirements may vary between States.
    • Some countries have already established specific protocols to test AD vehicles (e.g. Germany, Spain, France or the Netherlands).
  • I want to install something in my vehicle, do I need to ask again for a type approval?
    • When a vehicle is modified after it has been entered into circulation it may need a new type approval. However,  a harmonised framework doesn’t exist at the EU level. Each Member State has its own individual laws to control and verify that vehicles that have been modified are still allowed to circulate.

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