Last modified on February 26, 2024

The FESTA Methodology

FESTA is the definitive source for Field Operational Test methodology, applicable for also other type of field tests. Field Operational Tests (FOT) are defined as: ”A study undertaken to evaluate a function, or functions, under normal operating conditions in road traffic environments typically encountered by the participants using study design so as to identify real-world effects and benefits”.

On this page the FESTA handbook can be found as well as Micro-FESTA, a condensed evaluation methodology to support small pilot projects. A series of recorded webinars explains the FESTA methodology for beginners.

Download the FESTA Handbook Version 8

In August 2021, ARCADE published Micro-FESTA, a condensed evaluation methodology to support small pilot projects of Connected, Cooperative, and Automated Mobility (CCAM). This document gives an overview of the main steps in the FESTA methodology and comments their role in small-scale testing. This document can also be used as a first introduction to the full FESTA methodology and available materials.

Download the Micro-FESTA for CCAM pilot projects

FOT-Net has organised webinars and workshops disseminating the FESTA methodology. Recorded webinars explain the main steps:

We invite projects to use FESTA, provide feedback and send us new methodology-related reports!

FOT-Net has also published a Data Sharing Framework as a complement to FESTA. The framework contains a set of guidelines and best practices on data management and sharing.

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