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Digital and Physical Infrastructure

The adaptation of physical infrastructure and its link with the digital infrastructure is becoming a key factor for the deployment of connected and automated vehicles of higher levels of automation. A common understanding of the PDI role for cooperative connected automated mobility, specifications of required infrastructure and its interfaces as well as piloting the interaction between vehicles and infrastructure are required to fulfill the requirements of connected and automated driving in future.

The “digital road infrastructure” may be defined as “the digital representation of road environment required by Automated Driving Systems, C-ITS and Advanced Road/Traffic Management Systems”.

Physical and digital infrastructure can support in a broad variety of use cases, from the support of vehicles (e.g. in lane merging) to advanced traffic management measures (e.g. interactions with vehicles on strategic or tactical level) to the support of maintenance activities. The requirements towards the physical and digital infrastructure strongly depend on the specific use case. A harmonized approach on how to describe scenarios and use cases is also required to be able to install appropriate sensors and to supply the communication channels with the needed data and appropriate quality.

Based on the identification of enablers and challenges, which are illustrated below, several actions have been identified in year one of the ARCADE project for the area of physical and digital infrastructure.

The analysis of the main challenges, enablers and actions required were investigated during year one of ARCADE. The second year is about prioritisation and further detailing of these actions using input form stakeholders and projects.
In ARCADE the “Physical and Digital Infrastructure” Thematic Area team is currently detailing and prioritising the related acoctions. Next step is to collect feedback on these actions form key stakeholder through stakeholder consultation (survey). We invite all interested stakeholders to share their opinions and feedback. In case you are interested and would like to be informed when the survey is available, please contact us by using the contact details in ‘’Contact’’ link hereunder.

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