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Big Data, AI and their Applications

Big traffic Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques play a critical role in the development of Connected and Automated Driving (CAD) technologies.

Sensors of CAD systems continuously produce Big traffic Data. In addition, related traffic data is also gathered from other sources such as road infrastructure sensors (e.g. cameras) and weather databases.

Big Data feeds the AI Algorithms that drive the continuous development of AI-based CAD systems as well as CAD services towards higher level of automation.

In ARCADE this TA aims to highlight the current situation, debate the way forward with key stakeholders and recommend concrete actions to address challenges, key uncertainties and blocking issues, and thus maximizing the anticipated impact.

Considering the future sustainability of CAD, the following recommend actions and enablers have resulted from the analysis conducted in Year 1 of ARCADE. Research and investment in the development of AI techniques should be supported, including the data storage and maintenance facilities. As public trust in Artificial Intelligence is not granted yet, defining the data sharing model and the frameworks for privacy, security, trust, respect of legal constraints, and payments are important topics requiring research actions.

The results of Year 1 of ARCADE, addressing the challenges and enablers (required actions), are summerised in AI deployment roadmap (or “road ahead”) figure hereunder. The detailed results, ‘Report Systems & Services Thematic Areas: challenges and scenarios’ can be downloaded from the “Documentation” link below.

The analysis of the main challenges, enablers and actions required were investigated during the Year 1 of ARCADE. The second year is about prioritisation and further detailing of these actions using input form stakeholders and projects.

In ARCADE the “Big Data and AI” Thematic Area  team is currently detailing and prioritising  the related actions.  Next step is to collect feedback on these actions form key stakeholder through stakeholder consultation (survey). We invite all interested stakeholders to share their opinions and feedback. In case you are interested and would like to be informed when the survey is available, please contact us by using the contact details in ‘’Contact’’ link hereunder.

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