Last modified on February 26, 2024

Evaluation methodology examples from different projects and initiatives

ProjectDeliverableElement of methodology and link
L3PilotD3.1 From research questions to logging requirementsSpecification of Research Questions with associated hypotheses, performance indicators and required vehicle-based data logging needs.
D3.2 Experimental procedureDescription of experimental procedures to be carried out at the pilot sites, and organisation of the data collection in such a way that a project-level evaluation can be conducted across the pilot sites. Document
D3.3 Evaluation methodsSpecification of methods to be used in the evaluation. Document
D3.4 Evaluation planAn overview of the evaluation plan with linking the methods and data sources for all evaluation areas by research question. Document
Hi-DriveD4.1 Research questionsSpecification of research questions, state of the art.
D4.2 Data for evaluationData requirements of evaluation and storage concept. Document
D4.3 Experimental procedureInformation on the operation landscape for the evaluation team, and instructions for the organisations on the experimental procedure and study design. Document
D4.4 User evaluation methodsDescription of methods and measures to be applied in the user evaluation, state of the art. Document
D4.5 Effects evaluation methodsDescription of the methods and evaluation plans for the evaluation of the pilot data and for impact assessment. Document
CARTRED5.3 Societal impacts of automated drivingExpert assessment of socio-economic impacts of automated car driving. Document
LEVITATED2.6 Policy Support Tool user guidePolicy Support Tool user guide provides a visualisation of the tool, as well as forecasting and backcasting tools. Document
D3.2 Methods for forecasting the
impacts of connected and
automated vehicles
This document presents methods for forecasting the impacts of connected and automated vehicles. Document
Societal Level Impacts of
Connected and Automated
Final Technical Report. Document
Sohjoa BalticStarting Your Own PilotThe Roadmap to Automated Electric Shuttles in Public Transport. Document
C-ROADSEvaluation and Assessment PlanEvaluation and assessment plan for C-ITS services. Document

Impact assessment frameworks and tools:

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