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5G-Blueprint project: Contribution to the MDPI Sustainability Journal

5G-Blueprint project: Contribution to the MDPI Sustainability Journal

10 March 2022

5G-Blueprint project partners have published an article in the MDPI Sustainability Journal entitled “Encouraging the Sustainable Adoption of Autonomous Vehicles for Public Transport in Belgium: Citizen Acceptance, Business Models, and Policy Aspects”. The article concerns the sustainable adoption of autonomous vehicles in public transport in Belgium both in terms of consumer acceptance and the selection and adoption of appropriate business models and policies.


Several mobility-related issues persist in and around urban areas. Autonomous vehicles promise substantial environmental, safety, and economic benefits but may also cause unintended adverse effects that stem from single-passenger mobility becoming more affordable and accessible.

While using them for public transport (i.e., autonomous shuttles) can help avoid such downsides, there are many challenges to their adoption, particularly ones that are related to citizen acceptance and economic aspects. Based on a novel survey of Brussels’ citizens, we provide insights from user opinions on last-mile autonomous shuttle services and analyze the effect of various attitudinal and socio-demographic factors affecting such acceptance. Our respondents exhibit an overall positive acceptance albeit with a limited willingness to pay for it. In addition, based on expert interviews, we provide a discussion on appropriate business models and policy recommendations to help ensure the timely adoption of AVs in Belgium that adapts to mobility needs and policy goals.

The full article is freely accessible. You can read it here.


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