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5G Technologies from Porto to Vigo

5G Technologies from Porto to Vigo

23 June 2020

Every day large amounts of goods and services are exchanged across Europe’s 27 Member States. Thanks to the set of common and efficient standards, technologies and policies, European citizens in the EU can freely and easily cross the borders. When it comes to aligning transport-related solutions and infrastructure to enhance road safety, lower transport emissions and reduce congestion, 5G is seen as one of the solutions that will pave the way for autonomous driving.

ERTICO, along with partner ICCS co-organised Academy webinar on the overview and status of current technologies that are being tested and focused on the on-going European project 5G MOBIX, with specific focus on the Spain-Portugal cross border corridor.

The webinar brought together representatives from the European Commission, ERTICO, ICCS, CTAG, TELEFONICA, CCG and TIS.PT to discuss the potential, the current status and the setbacks of CCAM through the eyes of European-funded projects and the Spanish-Portuguese cross-border corridor use cases.

5G technology is relevant for different sectors: automotive, telecom, IT and services industries, and for R&D and public authorities. These technologies will enable innovative, new automated driving applications with high automation levels, both from a technical and a business perspective. It is found that the corridor connects the cities of Porto and Vigo through highways and national road which provide optimal conditions to test different automated driving functions like lane keeping, overtaking, live update of high definition maps.

During the webinar, experts also discussed the setbacks that require cross-sector collaboration in order to overcome, challenges such as communication and user acceptance.

“This webinar provided a very valuable and essential occasion for stakeholders working in different sectors to come together and discuss such topics”, said project coordinator Nikolaos Tsampieris.

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