Last modified on October 23, 2023

5GAA Open Statement for  Europe converging towards 5G-V2X

5GAA Open Statement for Europe converging towards 5G-V2X

23 October 2023

Following the recent vote of approval in the European Parliament on the ITS Directive Revision, the 5G Automotive Association reaffirmed its commitment to inclusive access to smarter, safer and environmentally sustainable services, by working together towards the widespread adoption of 5G-V2X including direct communications1.

In an open letter to policymakers, regulatory bodies, and industry players, 5GAA members support 5G-V2X direct communications, as a way to “accelerate time-to-market of connected vehicles solutions integrated into intelligent road transportation and traffic management.”

The deployment of 5G mobile network connectivity will enable new connected vehicle services; 5G-V2X direct communications will deliver service continuity for advanced driving as well as basic safety services, and as such will be an important enabler of automated driving.

1 As defined in 5GAA “A visionary roadmap for advanced driving use cases, connectivity technologies, and radio spectrum needs”, page 6 (November 2022)