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5GMETA project to propel forward the automotive ecosystem

5GMETA project to propel forward the automotive ecosystem

21 September 2020

5GMETA project (Monetizing car & mobility data for new Entrants, Technologies and Actors) will contribute to the empowerment of the automotive ecosystem, and the European community, including the cities, authorities, and mobility infrastructure providers who will profit from a new European-financed project coordinated by Vicomtech. This initiative’s goal is to leverage car-captured data to strengthen and boost the automobile ecosystem by stimulating innovative products and services. Data is growing to be a very strategic asset in many industries, especially in the automotive domain. The 5GMETA project seeks to expand the 5G network functions to deploy connected and automated mobility applications.

Oihana Otaegui, Vicomtech, the coordinator of the project said: “The 5GMETA’s intention to leverage car-captured data, aims to facilitate and feed innovative products and services. As such, the automotive ecosystem, from its industry players to new entrants will benefit from the 5GMETA. For example, according to data licenses, SMEs and high-tech start-ups grant access to interoperable car-captured data. The data derived from relevant geographical regions will generate new business models, as well as opportunities coming from valuable services where billing and data liability rely on accountability dashboard of data flow subscription and consumption.”

Johanna Tzanidaki, ERTICO’s I&D Director added: “Thanks to the 5GMETA, ERTICO is closer than ever to deploying its 2030 roadmap. Our ambition is to increase the availability of automated and connected mobility applications, as well as the value of vehicle data which would ultimately benefit a wider scope.”

The project has started on 1 September 2020. Check CORDIS Projects&Results section to get more information about 5GMETA project.

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