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A report on ensuring leadership in automated vehicle technologies in the US

A report on ensuring leadership in automated vehicle technologies in the US

3 February 2020

In January 2020, the National Science & Technology Council and the United States Department of Transportation published a report ‘Ensuring American Leadership in Automated Vehicle Technologies – Automated Vehicles 4.0’.

The report is the fourth of its kind that has been published on regular basis since 2016. While previous policy documents focused more on providing voluntary guidance to industry, as well as technical assistance and best practices or guiding principles for AV innovation for all surface transportation modes, this year’s report focuses more on affirming the government position and on informing the public of its activities but may not have the same impact on industry as the previous documents.

The report elaborates on a wide variety of activities including e.g. connected vehicles and fundamental research by the Department of Energy, NASA robotics, STEM Education and Workforce evaluations, and U.S. Postal Service explorations of transitioning their vast vehicle fleet to automated driving.

AV 4.0’s core messages come in ten “AV Principles” spanning three focus areas: prioritize safety and security, promote innovation, and ensure a consistent regulatory approach.  The AV Principles are:

  1. Prioritize Safety
  2. Emphasize Security and Cybersecurity
  3. Ensure Privacy and Data Security
  4. Enhance Mobility and Accessibility
  5. Remain Technology Neutral
  6. Protect American Innovation and Creativity
  7. Modernize Regulations
  8. Promote Consistent Standards and Policies
  9. Ensure a Consistent Federal Approach
  10. Improve Transportation System-Level Effects

Find the full report here.