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A workshop on CAVs related projects

A workshop on CAVs related projects

27 March 2020

On 3rd of March 2020 a common dissemination action and workshop of Horizon 2020, CEDR projects and other initiatives related to CAVs and infrastructure took place at FEHRL premises in Brussels. The event was organised jointly by FEHRL and CoEXist project.

In the first part representatives of the projects ARCADECoEXistTransAIDEU ITS PlatformINFRAMIXSTAPLE and DIRIZON presented basic information and results. The presentations showed that a very broad area of physical and digital infrastructure elements has been investigated by the projects. It was possible to identify common elements of the projects. At the same time, it was obvious that each project has to make specific assumptions to be able to carry out the planned work. Within this respect, a lot of valuable scenarios and assumptions have been developed and investigated.

In the afternoon, a workshop discussion took place, where the projects’ and other participants’ views have been discussed on basis of the two scenarios “road works” and “urban applications”. Even in the case of how to provide relevant data, processes and responsibilities for a specific support via physical and digital infrastructure in workzones (so a very specific use case) showed the need for more clarity on the next actions from side of NRAs and service providers. In the case of DTI for Urban Areas, it was obvious, that a way forward towards automated drivability of urban roads, is heavily relying on a business case perspective with regard to multi-purpose usability of PDI.

The discussion finally confirmed that many infrastructure aspects are covered by several different approaches in the different projects. So it would be beneficial to further structure the discussions of the area physical and digital infrastructure by the functionalities that are needed from the vehicles, e.g. by differentiation by applications/aims such as direct vehicle support, traffic management, maintenance and enabling new mobility services. A key element is that the discussions and activities are carried out at a very concrete level.

All presentations are available here.