Last modified on October 17, 2023

Accelerating Europe’s 5G Corridor Revolution With GUIDE

Accelerating Europe’s 5G Corridor Revolution With GUIDE

17 October 2023

On 10 October, the European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA), along with DG Connect and GUIDE project organised a workshop on 5G corridors. The event brought together stakeholders from various sectors to align 5G corridor deployment with the broader Pan-European 5G vision for CAM and to accelerate the deployment of 5G corridors across Europe.

These corridors offer the potential for improved transport safety, streamlined traffic management, reduced CO₂ emissions, and enhanced industrial competitiveness through 5G-enabled CAM. GUIDE initiative, funded by the CEF Digital program, is gathering best practices from previous CEF 5G corridor projects, building on initiatives like 5G-MOBIX, which tested 5G-enabled automated vehicle functionalities in cross-border corridors and urban areas.

Active stakeholder engagement and cooperation are essential for advancing 5G corridor deployment. The event showcased the vast potential of 5G corridors for greener, smarter, and more connected European mobility, bringing this vision one step closer to reality.

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