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An innovation opportunity arises in the transport sector: a European outlook

An innovation opportunity arises in the transport sector: a European outlook

24 September 2020

This is a report on the macro-level assessment of Europe’s transport sector innovation capacity. With the results of an Innovation Capacity survey completed by stakeholders from the private and public sectors, insights were gathered on topics ranging from the latest transport trends to the role of policy measures, or even the challenges the transport sector faces. As such, this report aims at complementing the survey’s analysis and updating the previous TRIMIS report on this particular topic.

Once the analysis completed, the findings show that R&D (Research and Development) activities are key in the transport industry where the private sector’s most engaged. In 2017, more than €47 billion worth of business investments were invested in the R&D transport sector, with a total of €2.9 billion worth of total European public investment in 2018. The R&D personnel and transport researchers amounted to 309.000 employees in 2017, in the European transport sector, with a majority in the automotive industry.

The outcome of the TRIMIS survey portrays the opinions and points of view of transport stakeholders. In fact, the results indicate an almost unanimous opinion regarding the key role of R&I (Research and Innovation) in the quality of the goods and services provides. Moreover, it seems like a rise in the intensity of R&I activities results in an increase in the competitiveness of the transport sector. Although the importance of R&I activities is recognised by almost all stakeholders, they also pointed out challenges in regard to management, financial constraints, market dynamics or even a lack of qualified personnel slowing down their full engagement in such activities.

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