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ARCADE invites interested stakeholders to join the Associated Partnership

ARCADE invites interested stakeholders to join the Associated Partnership

19 August 2020

ARCADE (Aligning Research & Innovation for Connected and Automated Driving in Europe) is a Coordination and Support Action funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme, aimed at building consensus across stakeholders from all sectors for a sound and harmonised deployment of Connected, Cooperative and Automated Driving (CAD) in Europe and beyond. ARCADE federates a CAD Stakeholder Network through the organisation of regular workshops and co-organisation, with the European Commission, of EUCAD Conferences and Symposia. The CAD network exchanges knowledge and experiences, builds up synergies and a common approach to development, testing, and validation of CAD.

ARCADE intends to promote the exchange of knowledge, lessons, and experiences from past and ongoing CAD activities at the national, European, and international level. In this regard, ARCADE invites experts and stakeholders having an interest in Connected and Automated Driving research and deployment within EU Member States but also internationally to join the ARCADE Associated Partnership. The partnership could be of interest for experts’ groups, associations, or companies from the automated driving industry or active in the policy, legal or standardisation fields.

Furthermore, Associated Partners can participate in discussions on deployment scenarios, regulations, standards, position papers in thematic areas and certification. This can be done by actively contributing to the content of working groups, meetings, and international workshops. The contributions from Associated Partners is conducted on a voluntary basis without the possibility to claim funding from the European Commission. However, Associated Partners are eligible for EU funding under specific conditions. Additionally, their logos are promoted in CAD/ARCADE communication materials, such as project website, brochures, and newsletters.

To know more who has already joined the ARCADE Associated Partnership, click here.

Express your interest in joining the Associated Partnership by sending an email to ARCADE coordinator: