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Are you willing to sleep in your self driving car?

Are you willing to sleep in your self driving car?

9 April 2020

Recently SavvySleeper, an American research company on sleep conducted a survey with 1000 Americans regarding sleeping in self driving and autonomous vehicle in general. The survey examined different branches of sleeping activities and aimed to find out about the acceptance and trust of autonomous vehicle technology.

In general, results indicated most people wouldn’t sleep in a self-driving car, however a lot of people would be willing to do so in the near future. Some of the key results are shown below:

  • About 34% of respondents were willing to sleep in an autonomous vehicle and 41.5% of respondents said they would never sleep in the car and the remaining 12.7% said they were comfortable to do it.
  • Driving while drowsy is an common problem. When asked if they preferred autonomous vehicle over less tired drivers on road, 73.9% of people said they would that tired drivers are more bothered than autonomous vehicle.
  • Nearly one-third of the respondents believed sleeping in fully autonomous vehicles will be very common in the coming 6 to 10 years.
  • When asked about what is the cause of not sleeping in fully autonomous vehicles, 79.4% said lack of control was the top reason, followed by distrust of other drivers on the road.
  • When asked about if they feel safe to sleeping in the fully autonomous vehicles,  majority of respondents said they felt safe sleeping in public transport like planes, trains than autonomous vehicles
  • When asked about sleeping in autonomous vehicle being legal, 43.3% of respondents agreed it should be legal and allowed.

In response to the survey results, Ashley Doyle, editor at Savvy Sleeper said “The survey showed that most people agreed sleeping in a self-driving car is a far better option than taking the risk of driving while drowsy. But until self-driving cars can decrease the number of people who drive while tired, it is crucial to get enough rest before hitting the road. If you find yourself nodding off at the wheel, it may be time for a new mattress or upgrades to your sleep routine. Simple switches like a mattress that suits your sleep habits or even adjusting the temperature in your home can improve the quality of your sleep and make your drive safer. Self-driving cars or not, sleep will always be essential to well-being — on and off the road.”

To see the full results, click here.

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