Last modified on April 26, 2024

AUGMENTED CCAM’s digital tools for the CCAM community

AUGMENTED CCAM’s digital tools for the CCAM community

26 April 2024

EC project AUGMENTED CCAM provides digital tools tailored for road operators, potential road infrastructure investors, OEMs and researchers.

These tools not only help the CCAM (Cooperative Connected and Automated Mobility) Community make the most of the PDI support classification schema that has been developed in AUGMENTED CCAM (ACCAM) project but also encourage their active participation in its continuous update and improvement.

The infrastructure Support Tools for CCAM encompass:

  1. Plan your Infrastructure for CCAM tool that allows users to apply their criteria and receive priority PDI investments for CCAM based on these;
  2. Improve the ACCAM PDI Support Schema tool that invites any interested party to propose additions and alterations to the ACCAM PDI support classification schema digitally reflected, in view of its continuous improvement and sustainability.

Those two tools transform the developed PDI support classification schema into a living, evolving resource. The seamless integration of these tools ensures that users always have access to the latest (authorised) version of the PDI support classification schema.

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