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Automated vehicle trials in Australia

Automated vehicle trials in Australia

18 May 2020

The National Transport Commission (NTC) and Austroads “Guidelines for trails of automated vehicles in Australia” were released back in 2017 to support the trials of automated vehicles in Australia. The guidelines were intended to provide certainty and clarity to automotive industry regarding the expectations for trails in Australia. It also intended to establish the minimum safety standards, assure the public that roads are used safely for trials and to raise awareness and acceptance of automated vehicles.

Since the guidelines were first published in May 2017, several developments took place during the trials and development of regulatory framework of automated vehicles. To understand if the proposed guidelines are working and reflect leanings from trails, the NTC released a consultation paper in late 2019. To get a better perspective and feedback, the NTC wants to hear from stakeholders on their experience using the guidelines and how they can improve to promote safety, innovation and national consistency.

NTC is also looking forward to hear from stakeholders’ experience of automated vehicle trials generally. They would like to understand what lessons have been learnt from trials held to date about the technology, regulation, infrastructure, safety issues and community attitudes.

Interested stakeholders in Australia can give their feedback by 3 July 2020 by consulting a dedicated page at NTC website.

To read the full consultation report, click here.

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