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Autonomous vehicle pilot as part of regular traffic

Autonomous vehicle pilot as part of regular traffic

27 April 2020

FABULOS project is a three step pre-commercial procurement project that aims to deliver a proof of concept for automated last-mile public transport as part of the existing transport system.

As part of the project, the Sensible 4 – Shotl consortium has started the 50 day live trail of three autonomous vehicles in the business district of Helsinki, Finland.

The three driver less electric vehicles will follow a predefined circular route, which involve complex traffic situations, pedestrians, cyclists and trams. Vehicles used are Dongfeng Moto minibus, Renault Twizy and MUJI shuttle bus.

Jari Saarinen, Chief Technology Officer, Sensible 4, said: “Self-driving fleet operations on public roads in urban areas are really demanding for any autonomous technology. We will learn a lot during these 50 days of the Helsinki-pilot.”

Renske Martijnse-Hartikka FABULOS Project Coordinator from Forum Virium Helsinki, said: “We believe autonomous shared mobility can make a big contribution to a more efficient and sustainable urban mobility system. It is exciting to see if the technology is ready for wide take-up.”

Sensible 4 expressed that their technology is able to operate in weather conditions like snow which blinds the sensors of autonomous vehicles.

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