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AWARD project: Phase 1 of the airport use-case rolled out

AWARD project: Phase 1 of the airport use-case rolled out

7 January 2022

At the end of 2021, AWARD completed the first phase of the autonomous baggage transport use case in the Oslo airport, Norway. Phase 2 is planned in early 2022. 

What is the airport use case?

AWARD is developing and operating safe autonomous transportation systems (ATS) in a wide range of real-life logistic use cases in a variety of different scenarios. One of these scenarios is the Autonomous Ground Support Equipment in Avinor OSL Gardermoen airport (Norway). More specifically, AWARD is demonstrating an autonomous baggage tractor transporting goods in indoor and outdoor environments. The ultimate goal is to develop units that are fully autonomous in all weather conditions.

What’s next?

Phase 0 of the Autonomous Bagage Transport (ABT) implementation started in September 2021, when an autonomous luggage tractor was delivered at the Avinor Oslo airport. The purpose of Phase 0 was to ensure that the tractor was configured in a safe and secure manner, so that it is safe to carry out operational tests. Phase 0 was completed late September.

In phase 1, production-like operations were carried out in a sheltered area. Phase 1 included training of the operators and was concluded in December 2021.

Phase 2 is planned to include realistic tests in operational areas. The tests will be performed on operational roads in parallel with other traffic. Extensive risk analysis will start in January 2022 to secure both personnel and equipment, and to identify risk reduction measures to be implemented. Phase 2 is planned for February 2022.

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