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CAPITAL project came to an end

CAPITAL project came to an end

17 October 2019

After three years of CAPITAL (Collaborative cApacity Programme on ITS Training-educAtion and Liaison), the project organised jointly with the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport its final event. On 25 September 2019, a training day on (Corporate) Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS/C-ITS) entitled ‘Creating A Smart City’ was organised in Rome. It aimed to provide guidelines for ITS implementation in cities, addressing Smart Road technologies and illustrating the cost and benefit aspects related to ITS and C-ITS. CAPITAL project assisted public and private stakeholders in developing their knowledge, skills, and abilities to build technical, business and policy making proficiency of ITS/C-ITS deployment.

The final event provided training for public authorities and showcased results of the project, methods of how goals were achieved and training demonstrations. 45 representatives from cities, ITS and C-ITS companies and the Italian Ministry of Transport attended the event (in addition to the consortium partners representatives). Its main objective was to raise awareness of the project’s benefits among public authorities and private companies. A dedicated programme for this event was prepared, together with information materials for the members of the target audiences (pre-training survey).

One of the results of CAPITAL project is the “Online Transferability Handbook”. It gathers all the best practices delivered within the project implementation phase. The online tool is available on the CAPITAL website. As part of the training programme, 10 online courses were developed under the CAPITAL project and they remain open to the public. You can learn about ITS at your own pace with courses tailored to your needs and expertise: CAPITAL Online Training Platform. The open online learning platform provides a training programme and educational resources to public and private stakeholders wishing to learn more about ITS & C-ITS deployment.