Last modified on June 6, 2024

EC AI Office will promote innovative EU ecosystem for trustworthy AI

EC AI Office will promote innovative EU ecosystem for trustworthy AI

6 June 2024

The European Commission’s AI Office aims at enabling the future development, deployment and use of Artificial Intelligence in a way that fosters societal and economic benefits and innovation, while mitigating risks. The Office will play a key role in the implementation of the AI Act, as well as foster research and innovation in trustworthy AI. It will ensure a strategic, coherent and effective European approach on AI at the international level.

The Office is namely composed of the Excellence in AI and Robotics Unit which supports and funds research and development to foster an ecosystem of excellence (it coordinates the GenAI4EU initiative, stimulating the development of models and their integration into innovative applications). While the AI Innovation and Policy Coordination Unit oversees the execution of the EU AI strategy, and fosters an innovative ecosystem, supporting regulatory sandboxes, real-world testing, a network of European Digital Innovation Hubs, AI factories and other structures for testing and experimentation.

The AI Office will cooperate with AI developers, the scientific community,  industry, startups and SMEs, Member States and civil society, namely to draw up of codes of practice, conduct testing and evaluation of general-purpose AI models.

More information on European AI Office, European Approach to Artificial Intelligence, AI Act, AI Innovation Package and AI Pact can be found here.

Source: EC press release