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5G-Blueprint forum on Teleoperation

5G-Blueprint forum on Teleoperation

02 Dec 2021


Over 180 participants from around the world gathered for the first edition 5G-Blueprint Forum on Teleoperation. The event, organized in collaboration with the Teleoperation Consortium and the National Institute of Standards and Technology and moderated by Wim Vandenberghe, Senior Adviser at the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, took place on December 2, 2021, and was divided into three main sessions.

The opening remarks (watch the recording) were given by Cyril Krykwinski, Programme & Policy Officer at DG CONNECT, European Commission and Scott J. McCormick, the CEO of Teleoperation Consortium and Connected Vehicle Trade Association.

The first session (watch the recording) featured brief presentations of three EU-funded projects that address teleoperation, namely 5G-Blueprint, 5GCroCo, and 5G-Mobix, which were then followed by a lively panel discussion focused on the relation between autonomous and teleoperated mobility and the different approaches to the concept of teleoperation taken by the three projects.

The second session (watch the recording), entitled “From vision to reality: teleoperation as a solution to the industry’s structural challenges” took the form of a panel discussion and featured experts, such as Lynne Canavan of Real-Time Innovations and Teleoperation Consortium, Amit Rosenzweig of Ottopia, Martin Kralik of Roboauto, Jelle Schepens of North Sea Port, and Siraj Ahmed Shaikh from the Centre for Future Transport and Cities.

The third and last panel (watch the recording) discussed legal, regulatory, and standardization aspects and featured top experts, such as Scott J. McCormick of the Teleoperation Consortium and Connected Vehicle Trade Association, Michael Fernandez-Ferri of Goggo Network, Yunpeng Zang of Ericsson, Tao Zhang of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gino Ducheyne of the Belgian Institute for Postal Services and Telecommunications, and Matthijs Klepper of KPN.