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5G-Blueprint – teleoperation in transport and logistics – Final Showcase event

5G-Blueprint – teleoperation in transport and logistics – Final Showcase event

21 Nov 2023

ndustrial Museum Zeeland, Sas van Gent, The Netherlands

09:30 – 15:00 CET

In the future, it will be possible to divide a fully travelled route into sections where a human remotely controls the vehicle or vessel via teleoperation, and sections where the vehicle or vessel can safely drive or sail autonomously (empty motorway at night, clear waterway, etc.). The European Research and Innovation project 5G-Blueprint has been exploring the use of 5G communication technology to remotely control vehicles and ships for transport and logistics.

Reliable 5G connectivity can improve road safety and the efficiency of logistics processes. The results of the 5G-Blueprint, when combined with other technologies and functionalities, can be seen as an important ‘missing technical piece’ of the puzzle for the possible future deployment of more and more autonomous driving and shipping.

In the final phase of the project, the ‘teleoperation technology’ was intensively tested in three different locations: Vlissingen, Antwerp and at the Belgian-Dutch border crossing between Sas van Gent and Zelzate. The 5G-Blueprint partners are pleased to share the results of this research with you at a final showcase event.


09.30Walk-in and registration
10.30Plenary kick-off
Keynote speeches by
– Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management
– Flemish Ministry of Mobility and Public Works
– European Commission – DG Connect
– Interactive panel sessions with project partners
11.30Plenary live demonstrations
– Seamless Teleoperation on BE-NL cross-border: un-interrupted cross-border teleoperated transport based on 5G connectivity
– Automated docking: teleoperation of a truck for docking operation!
12.30Networking lunch and information market
13.10Demo carousel 
– Teleoperatated skid steer: teleoperation of a mobile harbour skid steer 
– Teleoperated barge control: teleoperation of an inland barge car passing the border without any interruption of the 5G connectivity (seamless roaming)
– Enabling Functions for teleoperation that allows  safer and smoother teleoperated transport and more predictable trip times
15.00Informal closure with drinks