Last modified on September 21, 2023



10 Oct 2023

BREYDEL Building, Brussels, Belgium

9:30 – 16:30 CET

The deployment of 5G cross-border corridors along transport paths throughout Europe will contribute significantly to the green and digital transformation of the EU economy and society. In particular, 5G-enabled Connected and Automated Mobility (CAM) is seen as a major enabler for improved transport safety, optimised traffic management, reduced CO₂ emissions, and industrial competitiveness of all transport and mobility related sectors. This includes all aspects of road, rail, waterways and logistics as they can all use the advanced infrastructure to optimise their use cases and services.

The GUIDE project, with the support of HaDEA and DG CNECT, is organising this face-to-face workshop hosted by the European Commission to review the two 5G Strategic Deployment Agendas published in 2020 in the fields of rail and road.

The workshop will build on CEF Digital Call 1 projects and engage with stakeholders in strategic conversations aiming at defining priority deployment roadmaps, various cooperation models, while identifying and sharing best practices. The objective is to provide guidance to 5G corridor deployment efforts from the public and private sectors and stimulate EU-funded project pipeline building.

The workshop will therefore take a participatory approach, whereby stakeholders involved in Call 1 and possibly forthcoming Call 2 projects, as well as other potential participants in future waves of deployment and the supporting public authorities can exchange ideas, insights and help build a community around 5G-CAM in order to move forward with deployment of 5G Corridors. Specifically, the workshop will facilitate match-making discussions and encourage the involvement of relevant players in future calls.