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5G Italy event 2020: “5G Italy and the Recovery Fund”

5G Italy event 2020: “5G Italy and the Recovery Fund”

01 Dec 2020 - 03 Dec 2020


In line with Italy’s European leadership in assigning the full 5G spectrum, the so called 5G pioneer bands, this third edition of 5G Italy will focus on implementation and deployment issues, also in the context of the realisation of the objectives of the EU 5G Action Plan. It will outline 5G relevance in light of the ongoing pandemic and the need to relaunch the Italian economy, also in the context of the Resilience and Recovery Fund (RRF) put in place by the European Commission.

5G Italy is the conference promoted by the Italian National Inter-University Consortium for Telecommunications – CNIT (Consorzio Nazionale Interuniversitario per le Telecomunicazioni), which is made up of 37 public universities, +1,300 professors, researchers and employing additional +100 technicians and researches.

The event will host not only the main conference, but also an international PhD School, scientific sessions and “CNIT talks”, short (10 minutes) tutorials on 5G/6G and related issues.

The main conference’s language will be Italian, but a simultaneous English translation will be provided (co-“located” scientific sessions and PhD school will be held in English).

The virtual event is free, and you can register here.

For more details on the event, click here.