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5G MOBIX Evaluation Framework: Webinar no. 4

5G MOBIX Evaluation Framework: Webinar no. 4

16 Sep 2020 - 16 Sep 2020


This webinar is organised to present the various aspects of the Evaluation Framework of 5G-MOBIX.

After an overview of the project’s evaluation framework, specifying the evaluation objectives, the session will provide information regarding the evaluation methodology, selected KPIs, measurement tools and data management processes, across the different corridors and local trial sites.

Taking a holistic approach, the project will further present the activities on assessing the potential business and societal impacts of the systems and applications demonstrated in 5G-MOBIX cross-border corridors and trial sites.

This will also include aspects related to the user perception of the technological advances and the corresponding acceptance of solutions.


  • Konstantinos V. Katsaros, ICCS
  • Marta Miranda, CTAG
  • Oscar Agustin Catsaneda, DEKRA
  • Sadeq Zougari, AKKA
  • Maija Federley, VTT
  • Emanuel Sousa, CCG

More information about the agenda will follow soon! click here