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ADAS&ME Workshop Invitation & Agenda

ADAS&ME Workshop Invitation & Agenda

06 Apr 2017 - 30 Nov -0001

Brussels, Belgium

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• ERTICO – ITS Europe Avenue Louise 326, Blue Tower, 1050 Brussels, Belgium


ADAS&ME is a European funded project that started in September 2016 and will be running for 42 months; it encompasses 30 partners from 11 countries. The project key objective is to develop adaptive ADAS, able to decide when and how the vehicle needs to take over or recover control in relation to driver’s/rider’s state, taking into account the current situational and environmental context.

ADAS&ME includes 7 Use Cases, each one representing either a specific safety system where automation, in combination with driver/rider monitoring, is expected to have a high safety impact or, on a higher level, a vehicle category where several automated systems interact with the user, depending on task and driver/rider state. They cover different types of vehicles and environments, but also different levels of automation, targeting different user groups:

  • Use Case A: Attentive Long Haul Trucking
  • Use Case B: Electric Vehicle range anxiety
  • Use Case C: Driver state-based smooth & safe automation transitions
  • Use Case D: Non-Reacting Driver Emergency Manoeuvre
  • Use Case E: Long range attentive touring with motorbike
  • Use Case F: Rider faint
  • Use Case G: Passenger pick up/drop off automation for buses

All Use Cases are based on the same integrated approach for driver/-rider state monitoring, using a combination of several sensors and sensing platforms to detect if a driver/ rider is inattentive/drowsy/stressed or experiencing impairing emotions, which may jeopardise safe driving.


This Workshop targets to present the results of ADAS&ME online Stakeholders’ survey focusing on the 7 ADAS&ME Use Cases and perform interactive focus group discussions in order to reach a first prioritisation for each UC scenarios. Three Focus Groups will be created during the Workshop: a) cars, b) trucks/ buses and c) motorcycles. The focus groups discussions will be consolidated and presented at the closing session.


Experts and stakeholder representatives with good knowledge on road vehicle automation and/or driver/ rider state monitoring.



09:00-09:30 Registration & Coffee



Welcome and introduction to ADAS&ME: Anna Anund, VTI

Tour de Table: short introduction of all participants


Use Cases Presentation


§  Truck & Bus: Anna Selmarker, SCANIA

§  Conventional & Electric car: Stefan Griesche, DLR/ Philippe Gougeon, VALEO

§  Motorcycle, Luca Zanovello: DUCATI/ Tommaso Guseo, DAINESE


User Expectations


§  Position paper of CARTRE Thematic Group “User awareness, users and societal acceptance and ethics, driver training”: Olivier Lenz, FIA

§  Main findings of ADAS&ME Users Survey: Tania Willstrand, VTI


Main findings and MCA criteria selection

Results of online stakeholders’ survey and methodology for UCs prioritization: Evangelos Bekiaris, CERTH/HIT


Interactive discussion and selection of MCA criteria: Evangelos Bekiaris/All


UC Scenarios Prioritisation – Break-out Session


§  Focus Group A: Truck & Bus Use Cases, Facilitator: Anna Selmarker, SCANIA

§  Focus Group B: Conventional Car & Electric Car Use Cases, Facilitator: Philippe Gougeon, Valeo

§  Focus Group C: Motorcycle Use Cases, Facilitator: Luca Zanovello, DUCATI


This session will focus on the prioritization of the ADAS&ME Use Cases scenarios. The participants will break out into three groups, one for each Focus Group. The results of all focus groups will be consolidated and presented during the “Conclusions” interactive session, where all participants may share their views and propose recommendations.

13:00-14:00 Lunch Break

Consolidation & Conclusions


Moderator: Olivier Lenz, FIA


The results of the focus groups discussions will be consolidated and the first prioritization for the ADAS&ME UCs’ scenarios will be presented and discussed at a plenary session.