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Automated Vehicles Symposium 2020

Automated Vehicles Symposium 2020

27 Jul 2020 - 30 Jul 2020


The Automated Vehicles Symposium (AVS) brings together more than 1,500 professionals — leaders, academia, engineers, researchers, policymakers and solution providers to learn, share and connect on the evolving AV industry. Come together to learn more on technology innovations and challenges, evolving regulations and foresight into the next steps in deployment. Through interactive breakout sessions, a thought-provoking plenary schedule, groundbreaking research posters, and the Enterprise Solutions Series, this Symposium is the place to experience how the industry is advancing.

Here are four (of the many) reasons to put the Automated Vehicles Symposium on your must-attend list for 2020:

  1. Learn what’s going to drive the industry forward in 2020 and beyond
    We’ll provide an integrated approach to the future of mobility as we explore all aspects of the AV ecosystem — AI, cyber-security, policy, workforce impact and lessons learned.
  2. Explore the latest AV tech
    Don’t just hear about the newest innovations — at the Automated Vehicles Symposium you’ll truly engage with the developers to explore the latest technologies that will accelerate the future of AV.
  3. Benefit from the unique blend of research, expert-led discussions, and networking
    This Symposium attracts engineers, researchers, solutions providers, policymakers and academia from all over the world to discuss and determine where the industry is headed next. Don’t just meet the experts, join in the conversations.
  4. Participate from anywhere on our virtual symposium platform
    This year’s Symposium features will take place entirely on an immersive and fully-interactive virtual platform. Enjoy full access to keynotes, plenaries, breakout and poster sessions, exhibit hall and networking — and all at a reduced fee!

The event will take place online from 27-30 July 2020. To see the agenda, click here.

To Know more about the event and registration, click here