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Bringing real-time safety services to connected vehicles

Bringing real-time safety services to connected vehicles

28 Mar 2023



Discover a thriving, connected vehicle deployment model that already gets over 2.5 million road users to benefit from real-time safety and traffic information services.

This webinar will give you insider perspectives on the largest European deployments of Connected Vehicle services in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Menno Malta, CEO and founder of Monotch, Caspar de Jonge, Program Manager ITS and Smart Mobility for the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management in the Netherlands, and Bart Lowyck, Program Manager Mobilidata for Imec in Belgium, will share their insights on the Dutch Talking Traffic, UDAP and Flemish Mobilidata projects. These industry-leading implementations are the most comprehensive solutions available in the world. What vision do these projects hold? Which services are already available to Dutch and Flemish road users? Have they been able to identify the impact? And, most exciting, what is yet to come?

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