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CAD Webinar Series (III): AdaptIVE

CAD Webinar Series (III): AdaptIVE

02 Oct 2017 - 02 Oct 2017


The European AdaptIVE Project presented its findings in the next installment of the CAD Webinar Series. Under the title AdaptIVE: Evaluation of automated vehicle systems, Christian Rösener of IKA conducted the webinar. The slides from the presentation are available here and the video of the event is uploaded here.

Since the last decade, development efforts by academia and industry for automated driving functions have increased significantly. Also, the European research project AdaptIVe is looking into this topic. Due to the large operation spaces and various complex situations that are covered by these functions, efforts for evaluation increase also significantly. Within AdaptIVe, a comprehensive evaluation approach for automated driving functions ranging from SAE level 2-4 has been developed. The approach splits the evaluation into technical, user-related, in-traffic and impact assessment addressing safety and environmental effects of automated driving. For each evaluation type appropriate test tools and methods are selected e.g. field test for technical assessment, trials on test track and in real traffic for the user -related assessments and simulations for the in-traffic and impact assessment. The developed methodology has been applied to several automated driving functions developed within AdaptIVe. As an example, for the technical assessment of a highway-chauffeur it has been assessed whether the driving behavior of the developed functions is similar to human driving behavior and therefore not disturbing human traffic. In this webinar, the key aspects of the AdaptIVe evaluation methodology for technical, user-related, in-traffic and impact assessment are presented as well as the key results of the application of this methodology on the within AdaptIVe developed automated driving functions.