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CAD Webinar Series (VII): ‘Development and evaluation of Automated Truck Platooning’

CAD Webinar Series (VII): ‘Development and evaluation of Automated Truck Platooning’

30 Jan 2018 - 30 Jan 2018


Society is facing many economic, environmental and societal challenges such as for example the demographic and climate changes. The automation of vehicles is expected to be part of a solution of these challenges. Trucks as an important part of our current delivery chain demand specific solutions for the development and evaluation of these functions. Join the seventh instalment of the CAD Webinar Series took place on 30 January 2018 on the topic ‘Development and evaluation of automated trucks with focus on platooning’

The webinar was moderated by Adrian Zlocki Senior Manager Driver Assistance at IKA.

Within this webinar a development and evaluation methodology for automated trucks is introduced. Different steps and tools will be explained on the example of platooning. The methodology is based on a modular connected infrastructure consisting of a Multi-Scale Traffic Simulation, Driving Simulators, Research Platforms, Intelligent Proving Grounds and Real World Experiences. Results of field operational tests on truck platooning generated with these tools out of previous projects are presented.

For the evaluation of automated vehicles, the selection of representing test cases is a major challenge. The potential of the introduced methodology to generate relevant traffic scenarios and to decrease the amount of real-world field operational tests was discussed.


  • Introduction by Adrian Zlocki, fka.
  • Holistic methodological approach for the development and evaluation of automated trucks  (Jens Kotte, fka)
  • Modular connected infrastructure combined with results from Platooning research activities (Jens Kotte, fka)
  • Conclusions

Recording is available here