Last modified on November 17, 2023

Webinar “Connected, Cooperative and Automated Logistics Operations Activity Field launch”

Webinar “Connected, Cooperative and Automated Logistics Operations Activity Field launch”

28 Nov 2023


15:30-17:00 CET

The EC MODI project has interviewed several logistics companies (ALICE members and non-members) to gain a better understanding of their requirements, needs and the foreseen opportunities of automated road transport and logistics, as well as the state of play.

The growing interest sensed during these led to launch a new activity field on Connected, Cooperative and Automated Logistics Operations, with the support of MODI project. This Activity will be led by EINRIDE (that is both member of ALICE and the CCAM Partnership) and aims at:

  • Creating a stable framework of logistics companies, shippers and retail under the umbrella of ALICE and supported by MODI project to identify opportunities, needs and gaps in the integration of automated systems in logistics operations;
  • Supporting wider uptake of automated/autonomous, zero-emission vehicles and solution in real-life logistics operations;
  • Discussing the potential of integration of automated and autonomous operations in logistics use cases and scenarios;
  • Engaging with the automotive and research sector supporting the CCAM Partnership and European Commission agenda so the identified needs and challenges are shared and addressed.

This online event will represent the official kick-off of this new activity field. The webinar will give an overview on the prospects from the European Commission and how the CCAM Partnership is supporting R&I in the field. The activity field will be introduced and MODI and AWARD EC projects’ key elements and use cases presented.