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ETSI IoT Week 2019

ETSI IoT Week 2019

21 Oct 2019 - 25 Oct 2019

ETSI Headquarters

The 2019 edition of the ETSI IoT Week will take place in Nice, France on 21-25 October. This conference has become a gathering of IoT experts who understand the importance of standard-enabled technologies for IoT service deployments. Attendees of ETSI IoT Week will have the opportunity to network with other stakeholders and contribute to the shaping of future IoT standards.
Highlighted during this years event are:
  • oneM2M Developer’s Tutorial – taking place on 21 October, the tutorial is dedicated to understanding and experiencing the use of oneM2M opensource solutions, with hands-on development activities.
  • ETSI IoT Workshop – taking place on 22-25 October, the workshop will focus on IoT service layer interoperability, standard based communication technologies and security and privacy.
  • IoT Standard Showcases – taking place on 22-24 October, the showcases are designed to enable attendees to see and interact with real life implementations of standard based technologies for: oneM2M standard, SAREF and communication networks

The event is open and free to all upon registration and will open in soon! Save the date.