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CAD webinar series (I): Introduction to FESTA

CAD webinar series (I): Introduction to FESTA

28 Apr 2017 - 28 Apr 2017

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CARTRE is a Coordination and Support Action to accelerate development and deployment of automated road transport by increasing market and policy certainties. CARTRE actively supports Field Operational Tests (FOTs) and pilots carried out at National and European levels.

In Europe the FESTA methodology has been developed for designing and executing pilots and FOTs, and for analysing the results and assessing the impacts. This methodology has been applied during the last decade in many projects.

In this webinar we will present the basic ideas behind FESTA, and the main steps in the methodology will be explained. It will be discussed how the methodology is useful for conducting road automation pilots.

The webinar is targeted at people from research, industry and public authorities who are unfamiliar with the FESTA methodology and who are interested or involved in current or upcoming Field Operational Tests and Pilots of automated vehicles.

Topics presented include: Use cases and research questions, performance indicators and study design, data acquisition and data analysis, impact assessment, ethical, data sharing, and FESTA for automation.


12:00 ‒ 12:05     Introduction to the CARTRE coordination and support action (Yvonne Barnard, University of Leeds)

12:05 ‒ 12:10     Why a common methodology for automation pilots (Yvonne Barnard, University of Leeds)

12:10 ‒ 12:15     The FESTA V and main steps (Yvonne Barnard, University of Leeds)

12:15 ‒ 12:25     Use cases, research questions and hypotheses (Yvonne Barnard, University of Leeds)

12:25 ‒ 12:35     Performance indicators, study design and sensors and measures (Mandy Dotzauer, DLR)

12:35 ‒ 12:45     Data acquisition and data analysis (Adrian Zlocki, IKA)

12:45 ‒ 12:55     Impact Assessment and Socio‒Economic Cost Benefit Analysis (Helena Gellerman, SAFER)

12:55 ‒ 13:00     Ethical issues and data sharing (Helena Gellerman, SAFER)

13:00 ‒ 13:05     FESTA for automation, next steps (Yvonne Barnard, University of Leeds)

13:05 ‒ 13:15     Questions

More information on the CAD Webinar series can be found here. The recordings of the CARTRE webinar are available in the project’s Library.