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Future Global Network Development Summit

Future Global Network Development Summit

16 Mar 2022 - 17 Mar 2022

Barcelona, Spain

Everyone wants to be connected. Connected with the people, newest technology, smart devices. Connected with the world. The 2020 global pandemic crisis forced us and the whole society to undergo multiple lockdowns and it is becoming clear that the definition of the workplace may have changed permanently. The confidence that was newly found in remote working gives extra significance to applications aiming to improve telepresence: from virtual or augmented reality all the way to remote surgeries.

Let us reveal the core. Let us discuss the “fifth generation” of telecommunication systems, or 5G which is crucial for digitalisation efforts. Let us ask a question: How roll-out will be one of the most critical building blocks of the European digital economy and society in the next decades? The newest 5G/6G wireless networking technology that phones, smartwatches, cars, and who knows what else, will use in the coming years, but it is still not yet available in every region around the world.

The Future Global Network Development Summit has been designed to unlock the potential of the newest wireless 5G deployment and the potential future look at the 6G development as well. Key internal strategies from top European telco companies will be embraced, such as monetising 5G and IoT through network as a service plus, 6G visions and drivers, what does the success look like in the era of emerging technologies, the rise of the new production employee enabled by 5G networks and many others.

You will also benefit from remarkable networking opportunities due to limited seats of this business event. It will be the right place for sharing ideas, getting insights and inspiration, learning from experienced leaders and establishing important business contacts! Discuss with your peers, share your thoughts and be involved in the 16+ case studies from senior level decision-makers.

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