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How can infrastructure enable CCAM? – Webinar by TRAFICOM

How can infrastructure enable CCAM? – Webinar by TRAFICOM

23 Jun 2020 - 23 Jun 2020


Lessons learned and perspectives into the development of infra for new mobility era.

Connected, cooperative and automated mobility (CCAM) is a complex ecosystem where infrastructure has an important role to play as an enabler.  The new requirements CCAM poses to physical as well as digital infrastructure have been researched and investigated in numerous RDI initiatives, yet many issues remain to be unclear. Such concepts as Operational Design Domain (ODD) and Infrastructure Support Levels for Automated Driving (ISAD) are forming first understandings of service levels required by CCAM.

Justification for developing better service levels for infrastructure is, however, not defined only by the technical requirements. The benefits of CCAM for passengers, industry and business come in shortened travel and delivery time and more effective logistic chains. The end-user needs for CCAM development is an important driver that needs to be considered also when discussing implementations of CCAM.

The session brings together innovators and authorities to discuss the lessons learned from pilot projects as well as perspectives of long-term infra development plans. The key question remains, how to transition from research, development and innovation to deployment of infrastructure for cooperative, connected and automated mobility.

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Webinar programme:

(Time zone CET +1)

15.30 Welcoming words, introduction to the webinar etiquette and speakers, Alina Koskela, Special Adviser, Finnish Transport and Communication Agency ,Traficom

15.40 Introductory remarks: CCAM infrastructure – the role of RDI? Tom Alkim, Seconded National Expert, DG RTD,  European Commission

15:50 Speaker presentations (7 min per person)

  • Aria Etemad, Senior Project Manager, Volkswagen group
  • Sergio Barbarino, ALICE Vice Chair, Research Fellow, Procter & Gamble
  • Sabine Kuehschelm, Road director, BMK, Austria
  • Jan Juslen, Director, Information Management, Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency
  • Renske Martijnse-Hartikka, Smart mobility project coordinator, senior project manager, Forum Virium Helsinki

16:30 Moderated Questions&Answers discussion, Alina & Tom

16:55 Closing remarks

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