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02 Feb 2022


On 2 February 2022, the INDIMO and the SPROUT project will hold a joint webinar titled: Planning for a more inclusive urban mobility, addressing urban mobility transition by making use of inclusing digital mobility tools.

The webinar will bring both projects together to share their research results and explore synergies and possibilities on how the SPROUT pilot cities can make use of the INDIMO tools. The webinar will discuss the pilot use cases of Emilia-Romagna (INDIMO) and Valencia (SPROUT), both based on the installation of e-lockers, and see how they can benefit from each other by analysing the key stakeholders involved, challenges, barriers, drivers, benefits, differences, and commonalities.

The webinar will also be an opportunity to analyse how the INDIMO policy evaluation tool can be implemented and tested by the SPROUT cities, in this case Valencia, to formulate a more inclusive policy response that makes its e-locker an inclusive urban mobility solution.

Find the draft agenda here

Registration is possible here

For more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Daniel Herrera (, Andréia Lopes Azevedo ( – INDIMO or Maria José Rojo ( – SPROUT.