Last modified on January 31, 2024

ITF 2024 Annual Summit

ITF 2024 Annual Summit

22 May 2024 - 24 May 2024

CCL, Messehaus, Kongresshalle am Zoo, Leipzig, Germany

Greening Transport: Keeping Focus in Times of Crisis 

Organised by he International Transport Forum (ITF), together with the European Commission (EC), the European Conference of Transport Research Institutes (ECTRI), the US Transportation Research Board (TRB) and the World Conference on Transport Research Society (WCTRS), the 2024 Summit will examine the transport sector’s role in environmental sustainability.

With transport responsible for 30% of global CO2 emissions and climate change leading to extreme weather events, the urgency for carbon emission reduction is pivotal. Leveraging opportunities like cleaner and automated vehicles and digital innovation to promote a greener and more resilient transport sector; while simultaneously, evaluating the environmental risks associated with increased digitalisation is increasingly crucial.

Call for abstracts for Research Sessions
Submissions (deadline 5 February) should address one (or more) of the three topics:

  1. How can transport and energy innovations be leveraged to achieve the transport sector’s wider sustainability goals?
  2. How to plan for climate-change mitigation and adaptation of the transport sector in times of crisis?
  3. How to shape cities for accessibility and influence people’s mobility behaviour and consumer patterns, for more sustainable, inclusive and healthier transport systems?

You may also apply to organise official side events within the Summit (deadline for applications: 5 February). Applications for closed events (by invitation only) to be held on the day prior to the Summit start are also possible.

More information and Summit programme